Winter not only graces us with snow on the mountain, but with big waves on the beach. I remember surfing with my friend Arsenio at Shortys in late November. Both of us had lips that had turned blue and we were shivering. We kept looking over at each other saying, “One more wave”. Then a nice overhead wave came towards me. I turned, paddle, paddle, paddle. I felt a sudden rush of speed, the wave picked me up, I popped up and turned left, my hand dragging on the wave. It was awesome. Actually, I “pearled” and ate it hard. Pearling is a surf term where the nose of the board goes under the water when you are trying to catch a wave. it sucks. When I got back outside to Arse in the lineup he looked at me smiling and asked, “One more wave”.

If you plan on hitting some big surf this winter these are some things you might consider. First you need a pack. The Creatures Of Leisure Dry Lite Voyager 2.0 Pack is a good one. It’s got a compartment to keep your wetsuit from getting everything else in you pack wet. The Dakine Cinch Mat Bag is another good idea. You can change on it, keeping sand out of your wetsuit and booties, and if you don’t have a pack with a waterproof compartment the Cinch Mat Bag doubles as one. The average temperature of the ocean off the Oregon coast in winter is 45 degrees fahrenheit so you will definitely need some booties and gloves.

Of course you need a good beanie for when you get out of the water. A warm noggin is alway a great comfort. Always have extra fin keys on you. You need them for your fins of course, but you will find it’s a nice little tool to have with you in a pinch. An extra leash is a must. If you snap one, it does happen, then your day of fun is over. Wax is very important. Traction on your board is imperative. Michael, one of our surfers, likes Sticky Bumps. I grew up on Mr. Zogs Sex Wax. My favorite is strawberry then the grape. I just love the way they smell. Willy, one of our surfers, taught me a great trick. He puts a bar of his favorite wax under his seat in the summer. It melts and his truck smells great all year. And last, but definitely not least, you need a good water bottle. You get mighty thirsty after tasting the sea all day long. Sol, another one of our surfers, told me he likes to drink ice cold chocolate milk after a surf session. A great idea. I’ll have to try it.

What Youth & Volcom Present: Panther Vision

Panther Vision

Panther Vision is a series of short films directed by Volcom legend, Jamie Heinrich. His passion for film offers a fresh look into a world where cultures intersect, bleed into and feed off of one another.

Panther Vision Episode 1

Once you tumble down a cosmic rabbit hole, odds are you’ll be there for a while. Most of your time will be spent hanging out, exploring the blurred lines of consciousness, a realm in which color is richer, life is faster, more fun and less mundane; where heart overpowers brain and brawn. But these rabbit holes are not for the faint of heart. You have to have your wits about you.

Panther Vision Episode 1 takes you down one of these rabbit holes, following a band of musicians –The Goons Of Doom– that surf the cosmic walls that weave in and out of real life and surreal life. This traveling band of surfing musicians could very well be the inspiration for another Point Break; a sequel I would like to see. Hopefully it will be directed by Jamie Heinrich, because this looks like a whole lot of fun. Their energetic, salty, rock and roll laced state of mind is infectious and borders on irresponsible… but that’s what makes it good.

Panther Vision Episode 2

Art has walked hand in hand with our industry, showcasing art from a great number of internationally recognized artists. In Panther Vision, Episode 2, the focus falls on Madsteez, an artist that uses his “disability” to his advantage.

Panther Vision Episode 3 Trailer

Stay tuned for Panther Vision Episode 3, featuring Dustin Dollin. It should be a sight to behold.

Volcom ‘True To This’ Episodes One & Two

There is no sense in biting the hand of Volcom, as they have continually fed us a genuine brand experience packed with skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding that is both rich in style and loaded with an intense, figurative flavor for over two decades now. Bon appetit! Their approach seduces the palette as if it were somehow laced with MSG. Obviously that is impossible. Nevertheless, Volcom as a brand continues to impress on all levels and lure us into their world… And oh what a wonderful world it is.

‘True To This’ chronicals Volcom and the rise of a brand that has become a household name that has yet to be stripped of its integrity. Bravo! But rather than explain all of this to you, it would be more fun for you to just watch True To This, take it in, and cradle it to your bosom (figuratively speaking). Enjoy.


5 Surf Booties to Keep You Warm all Year Long

When you choose to ignore that plummeting mercury and paddle out anyway, you better be sure that you gear up with nothing by the best. Not just any surf booties will do when it comes to doing battle with frigid waters. You need a pair of booties that will not only ensure the warmth of your feet so they can constantly perform at their peak, but a set that will also provide you with an intimate connection between you and your surf board. Check out our top five favorite surfing booties for 2013 that will undoubtedly enhance your entire surf season.

Whenever you need to crank the thermal dial, slip your toes into the O’Neill Heat 5mm RT O'neill Heat 5mm Round Toe BootSurfing Booties. This pair is crafted from high quality neoprene Fluid Foam for a fit that feels phenomenal every time you paddle out. The whole package is sealed up with blindstitched seams and ultra durable glue that is in it for long haul. A rugged textured rubber outsole delivers plenty of grip and protection while the forefoot is outfitted with torsion control so that you can establish a flawless connection with your surf stick. The Anti-Flush shin strap pulls the whole deal together and lets you pick exactly how tight you fasten these bad boys. If the O’Neill Heat 5mm RT Booties seem like the total package, that’s because they are.

Quiksilver Cypher 5mm Split Toe Boot Cold water has got nothing on the Quiksilver Cypher 5mm Split Toe Surf Booties. A dual seal treatment covers this pair and teams up with a highly effective ankle strap to keep frigid fluids from frazzling your feet. Perhaps the best part about the Cypher is the biofleece material they are constructed from. This fabric is highly flexible so that your feet can behave naturally, and microscopic air cells capture and hold warmth better while remaining impressively lightweight. Finally, a soft textured sole gives you all the traction you need to seize complete command even in the roughest seas. The undeniably sensational combination of high quality materials and fantastically functional features ensures that the Quiksilver Cypher 5mm Split Toe Boots have to be on this list.


The attention to detail and superior craftsmanship that went into the Xcel Drylock 5mm Xcel Drylock 5mm Round Toe BootRound Toe make it a must have in any top five. This pair of high performance booties undergoes quadruple gluing and features blindstiched seams to achieve a pressure bonded state that never fails to put your feet in the perfect position to rip extra hard. Xcel engineered the Drylock to withstand all kinds of abuse while never failing to fit you just right. Given the dual level ThermoBamboo lining that repels water and the added support in the heel and toe, it is no wonder that so many experienced surfers are choosing this unstoppable set of foot huggers.


Xcel Infiniti 5mm Split Toe BootWhen the waters are extra chilly and few are bold enough to paddle out, the Xcel Infiniti 5mm Split Toe Surf Booties answers the call by delivering an impressive blend of board feel and warmth. The Infiniti features a ThermoCarbon lining, Ultrastretch ankle panels made from neoprene and 100% blind stitching so that water is less likely to seep in and hassle your feet. While the split toe design enables you to enjoy a more natural connection with your board, a solid sole has been installed underneath to prevent your leash or any stray seaweed from getting hung up. For those of you keeping score at home, yes, that is two pairs of Xcel surf booties on this list of the best, so obviously Xcel is doing something right. We love Xcel wetsuits and surf booties and you will too!


Ladies, this one is for you. The Roxy Syncro 5mm Round Surf Booties are a robust solution to Roxy Syncro 5mm Round Toe Bootsyour needs for cold water footwear. Premium insulating materials ensure that your toes stay nice and toasty all session long. Wraparound rubber soles add bonus protection and reinforced stress points enhance durability so that you can keep going strong the entire season. Easy to get off and on, but never one to flinch during use, the Roxy Syncro 5mm Round Surf Booties straight up dominate the most treacherous conditions.


There you have it. Get some booties. Put ’em on. Paddle out.

By Jennifer Frost

Seven Surfboards Superfish

Jeremy Matherly, of US Outdoor, knows a thing or two about surfing and recommends the Seven Surfboards Superfish. I could tell you all about it… but I would rather let a shop kook, like Jeremy spin the yarn. He has ridden this Superfish and loves to gab. Enjoy, and soak in his knowledgeable, knowledge, on surfing this magical Superfish.

Xcel Drylock 5-4 Hooded Wetsuit

Surfing in the Pacific Northwest can be a chilling thought to some (pun intended). Simply put, it is cold… really cold, so having the right wetsuit is crucial for surfing in Oregon. In this video, Jeremy Matherly explains the Xcel Drylock 5-4 Hooded Wetsuit which he recommends for surfing the Oregon Coast… and/or wherever cold water waves are stirring.