TGR – ‘Way Of Life’ Tickets Available at US Outdoor

There’s no culture like snow culture and TGR (Teton Gravity Research) captures this in their newest film: ‘Way Of Life.’ It premiers here in Portland on October 4th, at the Wonder Ballroom, and tickets ($10) are available here at US Outdoor (in-store only). So come down and say hello, grab a ticket and secure your entry for what is sure to be a great night.

Now, I could sit here and type about how great ‘Way Of Life’ is going to be, but that would be a fools errand because if pictures truly are worth a thousand words then this TGR trailer is well on its way to publishing a novel… So without further ado, check out TGR’s ‘Way Of Life’ Trailer below and go see the full length movie October 4th, you won’t be disappointed.

Top 7 Ski & Snowboard Goggles for 2013

The mountain is all about perspective. While some see a fallen tree or a boulder pillow as an obstacle to avoid, others may not see anything at all because they are too busy swiping at their goggles in frustration as they battle fog and other vision impairing hassles. Yet hope remains. Another kind of rider exists that has a different approach entirely. They see features where others see fear, and they never have to put their run on pause to fiddle with their snowboard goggles. The secret lies within the superior eyewear that gives them a whole new perspective on the hill. Check out some of this year’s best ski goggles and join the ranks of elite riders who sacrifice nothing when it comes to vision.

Blast off with the out-of-this-world style of the Von Zipper Skylab Goggles. Comfort and performance highlight this model as 100% UV protection and superior cushioning reign supreme. A hard coated lens extends the longevity by fighting to defend against scratching and other abusive antics. Maximized ventilation and a hydrophobic coating that absorbs moisture also team up to make the Von Zipper Skylab Goggles a force to be reckoned with.


Blind spots suck. So Electric threw them out the window with their EG2 Goggles. An over-sized frame achieves an unobstructed view of the hill so you can seek and destroy the most epic lines. Combo up those mega frames with fantastical ventilation and fog protection for an experience like no other. Warning: your vision will be so good that you might just forget you’re rocking the EG2’s and end up wearing them to bed.


When it comes to swapping out lenses and beholding a revolutionary field of vision,  the only hunk of eyewear that can live up to the hype is the Smith I/O Goggles. Switching your lens to cater to the conditions has been simplified with the I/O design which means your vision will be at it’s finest whether you are facing potato soup fog or retina-searing sunshine. Musical chairs with your lenses have never been easier than with the Smith I/O Goggles.


With the Anon Helix Goggles it’s all about utility. Stocked with all the features and functionality you need and none of the bells and whistles that you don’t, this pair gets the job done no matter what the weather forecast has in store. Your days of calling a timeout mid run to try and wipe the fog from the inside of your eyewear are over thanks to an anti-fog coating and dual-lens construction. Put in a full day and leave it all on the mountain with the Anon Helix Snowboarding Goggles.


Sculpted for those feminine faces, the Dragon DXS Goggles are the ultimate on-mountain accessory. A micro fleece lining and dual layer face foam take comfort and fit to the next level of luxury. Sure, they look sweet enough, but beware, because they have bunches of bite too. The DXS crushes fog and demolishes harmful sunrays for a magical optical experience in a pretty little package that only Dragon can provide.


Remember the duck and cover drills back in the 1950’s in case an atomic bomb was dropped? Ridiculous. What they should have done was just handed out Oakley Crowbar Goggles, because these bad boys are bombproof! Frames constructed from O Matter are super flexible and rugged, while durability is at an all-time high with the impact resistant HDO lenses. Able to withstand everything from face plants to straight up Armageddon, the Oakley Crowbar Ski Goggles are one mean piece of action.


Inspired by a classic style and infused with futuristic technology, the Spy Trevor Goggles take your riding to a new level of amazement. You can’t shake these optics due to the silicone ribbed strap that holds them in place no matter how hard you rag doll. Triple Layer Isotron Face Foam does all kinds of groovy things like wick moisture away from your face and give you an ultra cozy fit. With stashes of color options to choose from, the Spy Trevor Snowboard Goggles have got something radical in store for everyone.

Click here to take your pick of these exemplary models of ski and snowboard goggles. Then get to the hill and get a whole new pristine perspective of your own.

By Jennifer Frost

Top 7 Skis for 2013

Sadly, planking, (that ridiculous fad of lying flat on some object that you undoubtedly have a few pictures of), has gone out of style. R.I.P. But fortunately, twin planking, (that awesome thing where you fly down a snow covered mound) is still all the rage. In order to guide your search for the perfect set of skis to maximize mountain mashing, we have compiled a list of 7 top twin tip skis for 2013 that exist solely to do your bidding. Much like the snow falls from above, these top 7 were sent from heaven to endow this season with divine glory.

Volkl Gotoma SkisIf you are like the rest of us, you have got a cramp in your fingers from keeping them crossed all summer for a winter packed with powder days. Once those blissful days arrive, you are going to want to saddle up the Volkl Gotama Skis for some serious big mountain riding. Equipped with vertical sidewalls, a torsion box, and a rocker design, the Gotama is fully prepared to take on the most outrageous backcountry terrain, while also remaining versatile enough to charge anything the rest of the hill can conjure.

When you want a full powered weapon that can lay waste to anything it touches, step into Blizzard Cochise Skisthe Blizzard Cochise Ski. Designed for freeriding fanatics, these twin planks stay loose and playful out towards the tips with a rockered shape, but remain flat through the feet so you get intense response. For a smooth, reliable flex pattern, Blizzard has incorporated a CNC 3D-Bamboo Isocore that also keeps the Cochise lightweight and durable. Float powder, crush crud, and burn up the groomers with this ski that has a handle on it all.

Get your behind the scenes pass with the Atomic Access Skis. See what really makes the mountain tick as you explore deep powder through the trees, or uncover some wicked natural features. Atomic loaded up these skis with unparalleled versatility by installing the Power Rocker 10 out in the tips and wood core throughout that delivers a mean combo of durability and stability. Fearlessly mix it up in some rough terrain knowing that the Down-Sidewall L2 construction has got your back. Unlock admission to the entire bump with the Atomic Access Skis.

Line Mr. Pollards Opus SkisYou know what’s not fun? Having to bring a different pair of skis depending on if it’s a powder day or not. Fortunately, the people at Line are committed to injecting the most fun possible into the sport. That is why they teamed up with freestyle-loving, fluff-crushing legend, Eric Pollard to bring you the most versatile powder ski known to mankind. The Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus Skis feature a unique design that floats forwards and backwards effortlessly through the fresh, while also setting you up with 20% additional active edge for more grip when you decide to rip something a little less powdery.

Armada’s best all around ski in their lineup is the TST. It handles everything you canArmada TST Skis throw at it like a stud, as these planks have harnessed all sorts of super powers like AR50 sidewalls, a 1.7 impact edge, an Ultralight core, and of course a rockered shape. It doesn’t matter if it puked powder the night before, or if a flake hasn’t been detected in a week, because the highly versatile Armada TST Ski tears it up in or out of bounds.

Everyone thought that the folks at Rossignol were just a bunch of mad scientists cooking up some crazy ski concoctions, but now, their S7 Ski is the industry’s most imitated model. These groundbreaking slabs paved the path for the revolutionary rocker/camber combo that is now so popular. The Rossignol S7 Ski purées a sweet blend of float and versatility with a Centered Sidecut, which provides supreme edging power that is undetectable in other rockered skis. The original game changers are back for another season of powder slashing good times.

K2 Sideseth SkisSeth Morrison’s continued evolution as a skier inspired K2’s Sideseth Ski. Reflecting Seth’s recent emergence as a technical, big mountain focused rider, this pair of sticks is the ultimate backcountry slaying instrument of destruction. However, given its mild rocker construction and slightly stiffer tail, the Sideseth maintains a healthy dose of utility across a wide range of snow conditions. If Seth Morrison rocks a set of these shredcicles, then you should have no doubt that the K2 Sideseth Ski will spin some mountain magic for you as well.

No matter which set of sticks your mind picks, your heart will be forever grateful as it is filled with happiness with each turn. May your season be filled with endless powder days and more fun than you can shake a pole at.

By Jennifer Frost

Glen Plake Survives Deadly Himalayan Avalanche

Skiing legend and K2 Skis Brand Ambassador Glen Plake is lucky to be alive after being swept away during an avalanche that struck he and his party’s base camp on Mt. Manaslu in the Nepalese Himalayas. Though we are all happy he is alive and telling the tail, others were not so lucky. Our hearts go out to those who lost their lives and loved ones.

These are the harsh realities seeded within a sport that drives us to push the limits within environments that we can not control. However reckless it may seem to some, it is in taking the risk that helps us appreciate life.

The Sh– We Say

If you live in the 21st century odds are that you have seen at least one online video dedicated to The Sh– People Say, but just in case you have been hiding in a cave with no internet access for the past year or so I would like to share a few of said videos. They directly pertain to the lifestyles we live here at US Outdoor.. which in turn also includes you to a certain extent (unless you have no interest in the outdoors and are just wasting time arbitrarily looking through random blogs, in that case you need to go outside).

Sh– Surfers Say

I would have to say this video is summed up in 3 seconds 0:47-0:50. Also, I would like to dedicate 0:27 to the board shop hear at US Outdoor. Willie, Paul, where you at?

Sh– Rock Climbers Say

“… This route is SAND BAGGED!”

Sh– Snowboarders Say

Toe straps not included.

Sh– Skiers Say

If this latest craze has taught me anything it is that we all must take ourselves a little less seriously. These videos are exaggerated, but not far fetched as I have heard these phrases fly from all of our mouths. So sit back and listen and enjoy the harmless razzing facilitated by the online age of information. Who knows, you might just learn something.

An Endless Spring Day: Skiing the Coast Mountains of British Columbia

Although many have turned their heads and are now looking into the impending summer sun, others have sought out powder lines that still exist in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. This short film gives you a little taste of what’s still out there. With a little diligence you may be able to find some fresh turns before summer sets in.