Saturday School: Maximizing Stove Efficiency

Ok, everyone listen up! Today’s lesson is geared toward minimizing gear by maximizing efficiency. In this video, brought to you by NOLS (the National Outdoor Leadership School), you will notice that a few simple steps could save you from carrying excess weight as well as keep your carbon footprint small. This is a short video so you won’t have to take notes.

Get the Gear!

However painful it may be, Portlandia nailed it with the “Get the Gear” skit. Though not everyone goes this overboard, we Porlanders are gear heads at heart. With Mt. Hood, the Pacific Ocean, and the desert a mere one-and-a-half to two hours away, you sort of have to be. They say that luck favors the prepared, right? Sans Segway, the outdoor lives we live necessitate the need for transceivers, headlamps, helmets, Gore-Tex, boots, etc. Everything but the kitchen sink. It’s the price you pay for peace of mind. Thankfully, Portland has a great sense of humor. Enjoy this skit, and if you’re ever interested in reenacting it, just visit us at


[Brand] New: Terra Nova Equipment

Terra Nova Solar Photon 1 Tent

The award-winning Solar Photon 1 Tent

Quiet down, everyone, quiet down! We at US Outdoor would like to welcome Terra Nova Equipment into our brand family! As a new Spring addition to Camping and Climbing here at US Outdoor, Terra Nova Equipment provides a wealth of knowledge and product that can only be described as impressive. An independent company founded over a decade ago, Terra Nova Equipment strives to be, in their own words, “Best in Class” with products that span the spectrum of outdoor necessity. Their acclaimed Guinness World Record for developing and creating the World’s Lightest Tent provides a trust and understanding that Terra Nova Equipment knows their designs and takes great pride in their craft. Their Solar Photon 1 Tent is the lightest self-supporting tent in the world, a whopping 865g of 3-4 season coverage that harbors you whilst in the wild. That ingenuity is what will keep Terra Nova Equipment successful. Look for Terra Nova at this Spring! Cheers!


Products For Parents: Osprey Poco Series Child Carriers

Osprey saves the day! If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and a parent, odds are you’ve been waiting for something like the Osprey Poco Series for a long time. Day trips will now be spent in comfort while enjoying the scenery instead of enduring back pain. Put the ibuprofen away! The Poco Series from Osprey has carefully planned out every inch of these packs to make their versatile and comfort shine in all conditions. Key features including the Torso Length and Hipbelt Adjustment and Fit-on-the-Fly Hipbelt are quick and easy to use and designed cross platform so that both parents can take turns toting their toddler. Whether your tromping around the Columbia River Gorge or taking a long walk to the store, Osprey makes it easy to venture to and fro with toddler in tow! All rhymes aside, the Osprey Poco Series are child carriers done right. Coming Spring 2012 to US Outdoor. In the meantime, check out our other Osprey Packs.



Gore-Tex: Into the vor-tex

When you think of Gore-Tex you think waterproof, and rightfully so. The Gore-Tex Brand has been around for years and this magnificent waterproof technology has yet to lose any steam. Its consistent output of quality materials has built a trustworthy brand that we as outdoor enthusiasts can trust. It transcends climates and industries and lifestyles all the while fulfilling its promise to keep us protected from the weather. Here’s but a small glimpse into the world of Gore-Tex testing, where the quality control is rigorous and the technicians map out the formula that makes it great! Plus, it is always interesting to see just how they test their products… even if it looks like a scene from a Sci-Fi/CSI movie.



Go on a Treasure Hunt with SPOT

We all know that treasure hunts are fun…. And SPOT LLC, the satellite messaging service, has decided that a treasure hunt is the perfect way to get the public involved in their products. To be a part of the action all you’ve got to do is own a SPOT device and go to the following website to register: registered, all you’ve got to do is go to one of the locations on the map and “check in”.There are tons of sweet prizes from companies such as WigWam, Salomon, Suunto and Timberland (and that’ just a few name drops).

And let’s not forget the incredible products that SPOT is creating to make the wild wild wilderness safe for all:

The SPOT Connect: By far one of the coolest Satellite devices to come on to the market. Here’s what Spot’s website has to say about it:

No cell signal? No problem. When you venture beyond the cellular network, SPOT Connect turns your smartphone into a satellite communicator. Simply pair your iPhone or Android-based smartphone with SPOT Connect and get connected to a global satellite network that lets you send custom messages and GPS coordinates from some of the most remote regions on the planet. Update Twitter and Facebook. Send email and text messages. And in the case of a critical emergency, send an SOS message providing detailed information requesting emergency assistance to your location.

SPOT Satellite GPS messenger: Then there’s also this Satellite bad boy that is one of Spot’s most popular pieces:

The SPOT Messenger sends GPS-based pre-defined messages via satellite to select contact groups including family, friends and co-workers and allows others to track their location in near real-time on Google Maps™. In an emergency, SPOT will transmit an SOS message alert to an International Emergency Rescue Coordination Center with the SPOT owner’s GPS location.

SPOT Connect will be available in our store very shortly (Don’t worry! we’ll let you know when it gets here)… For now we have the SPOT Satellite GPS messenger available in store and on our website. Now…. maybe it’s time to stop reading and start hunting for some treasure!