Roc Nation Aviation Domination: A Skullcandy Crusher

Most of us suffer from something we don’t know we suffer from… a beat deficiency that has developed through poor headphones. Skullcandy’s Roc Nation Aviator headphones, a limited edition beat bound vitamin collaboration with Jay Z’s record label “Roc Nation”, takes care of that. Not only do these Aviator’s bring the beat back, they fly sound sweeter than an Etta James whisper straight into your ears and are more comfortable than a Snuggy on a snowy day. That’s saying something! Even metal-heads would love the Roc Nation Aviator. Furthermore, these Skullcandy headphones are designed with folding hinges and a carrying case so you can take the Roc Nation with you wherever you go… Because sound doesn’t stay still. Available at select retailers only. Check out the new Roc Nation Aviator Headphone at



The Central Cascades Geotourism Project


Oregon and Washington Tourism and the National Geographic Society have joined forces to bring an exciting new website and project that highlights the many beautiful places that the Central Cascades have to offer, and to promote sustainable tourism in our two states.

Via the Central Cascades Tourism Project: “Travel Oregon and Washington State Tourism have entered an exciting partnership with the National Geographic Society to advance geotourism in the Central Cascades region through the Geotourism MapGuide. This is a pilot project that both states will be incorporating into their larger sustainable tourism plans, and aims to stimulate rural development, cultivate local pride and foster stewardship of the region’s unique natural and cultural assets by identifying, documenting and sharing them through print and online media. Through this effort, we hope to create thriving communities to support sustainable travel in this region.”

For more information and to check out the interactive MapGuide check out their website:

On the Snow App: A New Source for Your Snow Report


On the Snow is one of the top snow reporting apps for smartphones on the market today. The company is constantly improving it’s App and website to deliver it’s customers the most up to date mountain conditions via real time feedback from users. Check out the following update from the company about what they are doing to better improve the experience of their app and the future of On the Snow:

Broomfield, Colo. – Jan. 3, 2012 – The growth of mobile usage is already the most exciting tech story for 2012 and OnTheSnow’s blockbuster SKI & SNOW REPORT app <>, with over 1.3 million total downloads, is at the cutting edge of that trend.

The SKI & SNOW REPORT app, available on both iPhone and Android, has added more than 350,000 users this season and over 170,000 users in the last two weeks. In addition, overall mobile traffic, including both the app and mobile traffic to OnTheSnow, is up 45 percent over last year.

“It’s like the mid-1990s with the exciting rapid growth of the web all over again,” says Chad Dyer, OnTheSnow’s Global Managing Director. “The way skiers and snowboarders consume information is shifting, and the growth of our mobile app is a game-changer for our entire business.”

Not only is mobile the obvious medium for consuming snow reports, but the SKI & SNOW REPORT’s Twitter-like reporting feature allows users to post their own first-hand snow reports and photos from the slopes. “It’s really exciting to see how engaged the app users are,” says Dyer. “One-third of our community uses the app four or more times a week, and 850,000 people, or two-thirds of our community, checks reports at least twice a week.”

“Our community is creating fresh information all day, every day,” says Patrick Crawford, Content Director for OnTheSnow. “We’re averaging over 1,500 first-hand snow reports a day, and the apps have the critical mass necessary to be the first viable tool for crowd-sourced snow reports. The app blends the vital information of snow reporting with the timeliness and authenticity of social, crowd-sourced media. The user community is an unprecedented information gathering tool and fact-checking source for our traditional snow reports.”

Interested in more information on the app, or just want to check out on the snow? Take a look at their website at

Bike Commuting Gear at US Outdoor

princeton tec swerve rearflasher

princeton tec swerve rearflasher

For years I’ve shopped US Outdoor for both urban and backcountry gear. However, I never knew they had what it took to suit up bike commuters. This past year I decided to start commuting to work. The ride is 23 miles, and I usually ride it one way three days a week. After I found a neat old one speed, I then started riding and realized that bike lighting, clothing, and storage were going to become issues I had to deal with. Then I started talking to the employees at US Outdoor. Many of them commute to work, and the store sells some of the best commuter gear around.

In terms of clothing, US outdoor has more options than any cycling store. The difference is that their gear is able to cross over to backpacking, hiking, or just urban wear. When I looked at cycling only stores, I found the clothes would not work for any other use, and often looked uniquely suited to only cycling. But at US Outdoor, my weather resistant pants and jacket are also perfect for use on the Mountain or Downtown. The wool layers I use are the same one’s I’ve been using for all seasons in the wilderness. In a very real way, it saves money to buy multifunctional clothing.

Light and Motion Urban-180

Light and Motion Urban-180

Bike front and rear lights must be capable of alerting cars that a bike is on the roadway. In the Pacific Northwest, this is complicated in winter because we have fog and rain, which make seeing bike lights even harder. US Outdoor carries two brands that have some of the best lighting products available; Princeton and Light & Motion. I use the Light and Motion 180 for my headlamp and the Princeton Tec Swerve LED rear flasher. Numerous times this year, I’ve had other cyclists comment on how bright they are. Light and Motion bike lights are really convenient because they recharge on your computer, or with an outlet. Additionally, they have an accurate battery meter to let you know when to recharge.

Chrome Soyuz Messenger Bag

Chrome Soyuz Messenger Bag

Finally, every commuter needs a messenger bag to carry repair kits, changes of clothes, work material, and lunch. The industry leader for weatherproof, bombproof bags is Chrome. US Outdoor has an entire wall committed to commuter bags. Stop in and ask the employees which bag is right for you. They not only use the products, but they also know all about the various styles available.

Teva and Lucky the Penguin

If this video doesn’t bring a smile to your face and possibly a tear to your eye, you might not have a heart. Our friends at Teva came to the rescue a couple of months ago when Lucky, a penguin, was born at the Santa Barbara zoo with a limp in his foot. The limp made it difficult for him to get in and out of the water and would leave him prone to infections. That’s when Teva stepped in and helped to develop a boot for Lucky that would help him get around with his other penguin friends. The results are chronicled in this absolutely adorable video. It really makes me want to buy a penguin and every pair of shoes that Teva makes.

Check out the video and then make sure to check out our rad selection of  Teva’s that we have available on our website!

Go on a Treasure Hunt with SPOT

We all know that treasure hunts are fun…. And SPOT LLC, the satellite messaging service, has decided that a treasure hunt is the perfect way to get the public involved in their products. To be a part of the action all you’ve got to do is own a SPOT device and go to the following website to register: registered, all you’ve got to do is go to one of the locations on the map and “check in”.There are tons of sweet prizes from companies such as WigWam, Salomon, Suunto and Timberland (and that’ just a few name drops).

And let’s not forget the incredible products that SPOT is creating to make the wild wild wilderness safe for all:

The SPOT Connect: By far one of the coolest Satellite devices to come on to the market. Here’s what Spot’s website has to say about it:

No cell signal? No problem. When you venture beyond the cellular network, SPOT Connect turns your smartphone into a satellite communicator. Simply pair your iPhone or Android-based smartphone with SPOT Connect and get connected to a global satellite network that lets you send custom messages and GPS coordinates from some of the most remote regions on the planet. Update Twitter and Facebook. Send email and text messages. And in the case of a critical emergency, send an SOS message providing detailed information requesting emergency assistance to your location.

SPOT Satellite GPS messenger: Then there’s also this Satellite bad boy that is one of Spot’s most popular pieces:

The SPOT Messenger sends GPS-based pre-defined messages via satellite to select contact groups including family, friends and co-workers and allows others to track their location in near real-time on Google Maps™. In an emergency, SPOT will transmit an SOS message alert to an International Emergency Rescue Coordination Center with the SPOT owner’s GPS location.

SPOT Connect will be available in our store very shortly (Don’t worry! we’ll let you know when it gets here)… For now we have the SPOT Satellite GPS messenger available in store and on our website. Now…. maybe it’s time to stop reading and start hunting for some treasure!