I remember back when I used to go snowboarding, I don’t anymore, too many gapers on the mountain. I would get up at 4:30 a.m., turn on the T.V., pop in a snowboarding video to get stoked, and pack my pack. Since I don’t snowboard anymore, I had Michael, a U.S. Outdoor snowboarder, tell me what he puts in his pack.

The first thing you need is a pack. Michael rocks a Burton Day Hiker 28L. It has enough room to carry everything you need for a day on the mountain. One of the most important things that I always have on me is a beanie. Probably because I’m bald. There is nothing worse than cold raindrops on a bald head. Michael likes the Burton Waffle Beanie. Always carry an extra pair of socks. He likes the Burton Merino Phase Socks. Always go for the Merino wool. It just sounds cooler. When it comes to keeping your hands warm I would go for gloves. They give you the freedom to give certain gestures. No not that one, the hang loose sign brah. But Michael likes the Dakine Team Baron Mitt. Mitts just keep your hands warmer than gloves. Next for a good piece of layering clothing he wears the ThirtyTwo Rest Stop Polar Fleece. When he gets too warm he just takes it off and stashes it in his pack. One of the most essential pieces of equipment a snowboarder has are goggles. Michael likes the new Anon M2 Goggles. You can change your lenses quickly with the new magnetic lens interchangeability. You need a good tool if something goes wrong with your bindings on the mountain. Like when your beginner girlfriend decides she is actually goofy foot on the top of Palmer. A good one to use is the Dakine Stance Driver. Hydrate or die. You need liquids when you are riding. The Hydroflask water bottles are the best. They keep hot things hot and cold things cold. Trust me I have two. Now we come to one of the most important things to have in your pack; snacks. Michael alway carries Cliff Bars. Now personally I’m a Milky Way man. I can hear all you Snickers people out there, but I just don’t like nuts in my candy. It just seems weird to me. These are just a few suggestions for things you need in your pack for a day on the mountain. If you take issue with any of them, don’t tell me. Take it up with Michael. It’s his list.

Volcom Pistol Folding BBQ Grill Set

This season, look to the Volcom Pistol Folding BBQ to set the summer tone.

Oh the BBQ! This time honored and spirited summertime ritual is coveted by all Americans, but none so much as the inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest. Here we are just twice removed from the definition of “Troglodyte” as we endure nine months of rain. Sure, our luscious landscapes help ease the grey skies that cover the land in darkness, but you’ll never know true happiness until the sun returns! Ok, that sounded a little melodramatic, but we here in PNW covet the sun that returns like a conquering king every year.

At first glance the Volcom Pistol Folding BBQ resembles more of a tote than a BBQ Grill; it is box-like and tapered, not round like the conventional coal pit and it doesn’t have legs or wheels, but then again, the Pistol grill doesn’t need those things. Its folding design is as brilliant as it is simple and easy to use, and it takes up about as much space as a laptop. It also comes with its own carrying case. Bonus! With a 13”X13” grate for grill space, the Volcom Pistol BBQ gets it done for a gang of four, but it’s so compact that multiple Pistols can be packed, drawn and firing at the same time in larger groups or to facilitate veggies and other fixins. Seriously, this Volcom BBQ Grill is so efficient that you could bring it to other BBQ’s and not have to wait for the grill, if you want to be that guy; there is nothing wrong with being that guy.

When you break it down, the summer is knocking on the door. Heed the call, the king is returning and he wants to party! Show him you got the skill to grill with the new Volcom Pistol Folding BBQ! (Dancing hot dog and beach not included.)

Buy your Volcom Pistol Folding BBQ at USOUTDOOR.com!

What’s New at US Outdoor: Nixon Headphones

New Nixon Headphones

Listen up! Nixon headphones are new here at US Outdoor. Nixon has been an iconic brand for over a decade; counting ever second of their existence through the stylish watches they have created and now it is time for them to turn it up to 11 so-to-speak, get it? All puns aside, the new Nixon headphones reveal a sleek aesthetic that is sure to compliment any watch in their line.

The Apollo Headphone

The Apollo is an over-the-ear sultan of sound that has a progressively simple style yet is aggressively modern. When using the term “simplify to amplify” The Apollo directly relates (literally and figuratively). Dialed in with a 3 button mic designed for the iPod, iPhone and iPad The Apollo provides you with volume control and on-the-go correspondence capabilities. Finished with a 40mm Dynamic Driver, memory foam ear cushions and an adjustable steel headband for comfort and fit, one can rest assured that there will be no SOS call to Mission Control.

The Trooper

The Trooper is “an unstoppable force” according to Nixon, and it marches in with a figure all of its own. It too has an over-the-ear design and is outfitted with a 40mm Dynamic Driver and 3-Button Mic for volume control and conversation, but the real beauty is in its 3-axos adjustability for unlimited range of fit. This headphone design from Nixon will allow you to get physical; laced with sweat-resistant and molded silicone ear cushions The Trooper is a great choice for a hot summer in the city.

The Wire and The Whip round out the collection here at US Outdoor and are sure to make some noise. Take some time to check out the new Nixon Headphones at our website: USOUTDOOR.COM.

Bike Fixtation Across The Nation: Bike Repair Kiosk

There are some things that seem so outlandish that they might actually catch on and become a functional “fixture” of the urban jungle. The Bike Fixtation kiosk (shown above) is located in Minneapolis, MN. and it raises the question: “Why is this not in Portland?” After all, Portland, Oregon is home to a high concentration of bicycle commuters; in fact, Portland ranks in the 10 Best American Cities For Cycling according to the Huffington Post.

Portland’s bike routes make traveling by bicycle exceedingly simple and, in most cases, far more efficient than driving. Though fuel efficiency, no-cost parking, and exercise while getting to where you need to go are great, things can go awry and leave you stranded. Imagine if there were a Fixtation nearby that could get you up and running again? Think about it; the infrastructure is already laid into the bike routes that blanket the landscape of Portland. If placed along a well traveled route, a Fixtation could assist a great number of cyclists and help generate revenue for the city.

That being said, there are more than enough bike shops thus raising the argument that installing a Fixtation kiosk could threaten the well-being of local bicycle repair businesses. But what if the bike shops and the city all worked together in a co-op atmosphere to benefit both business and government? Just a thought. I, for one, think that the Fixtation would feel right at home here in Portland.

Get the Gear!

However painful it may be, Portlandia nailed it with the “Get the Gear” skit. Though not everyone goes this overboard, we Porlanders are gear heads at heart. With Mt. Hood, the Pacific Ocean, and the desert a mere one-and-a-half to two hours away, you sort of have to be. They say that luck favors the prepared, right? Sans Segway, the outdoor lives we live necessitate the need for transceivers, headlamps, helmets, Gore-Tex, boots, etc. Everything but the kitchen sink. It’s the price you pay for peace of mind. Thankfully, Portland has a great sense of humor. Enjoy this skit, and if you’re ever interested in reenacting it, just visit us at USOUTDOOR.com.