Casually Polished PDX

One of Portland’s greatest attributes is the diverse culture when it comes to fashion. Truth be told, this may be one of the only cities that lacks clubs with dress codes, or clubs in general (we call those bars around these parts). Despite our seemingly lack of posh, PDX natives and transplants still find a way to keep their attire polished yet casual. Inspired by urban meets functional street wear, we’ve created two looks fit for any city dweller. Even though we are chomping at the bit to get up on the slopes, you can’t help but enjoy a dry stretch during a Pacific Northwest winter. For our urban lady we’ve retired the GORE-TEX for a few days, creating a layered look we are swooning over. The RVCA First Snow Jacket is a shop favorite for ladies this season, it’s so good it’s hard to know where to start with this gem. Let’s begin with the ideal mix of black and blue denim perfectly color-blocked, and paired with a cozy sherpa fleece collar. Wear it closed for a sleek, business savvy silhouette or open for a flash of flannel. And yes, popping your collar is an option…probably a great one with that overstated collar. We’ve broken up the subtle graphics on the Volcom Stoned Rad T-Shirt from the flannel lining by adding a sliver of distressed denim with the Rolling High Shirt by Volcom. For the bottom half, we’ve created an icon by pairing black high-waisted skinnies with the ever classic high-top Vans. Just in case the clouds roll in, the jacket is coated for that (fingers crossed) first snow and the Vans Sk8-Hi MTE Shoes feature waterproofing by ScotchgardTM. Stay tuned to check out the dream boyfriend we’ve created for this look; a form meets function profile: Pacific NorthFresh edition.

US Outdoor Fashion

New Years Eve – A Black Dress Affair

Whether you’ll be ringing in the New Year at a black tie event like Rhapsody PDX, or your favorite bar or a house party, nothing beats a little black dress. Prowl the party scene this New Year’s Eve in the Element Jasper Dress for a look that’s sure to turn heads. Tastefully festive, due to the glittery scrolling embroidery, the Jasper offers a neckline that’s deeply scooped creating a flirty silhouette. What lady doesn’t want an excuse for a brand spankin’ look for their next big bash, but isn’t it a drag when your sequined number collects dust the rest of the year? It’s all about versatility with this dress. Simply layer a sweater and tights for an office savvy ensemble that’s ready to hit the town for happy hour after work. We’ve paired this cutesy number with the Volcom Getter Boots, the RVCA Rosy Fruits Fedora and the Volcom Janis Clutch Bag to roughen up the edges. Creating a look that can’t help but land you a kiss when the ball drops.

New Years Black Element Dress

Matix Denim – A Lifetime Guarantee

If you skate, surf, or just live an active lifestyle, odds are you’re pretty darn rough on your denim. It’s a necessity. Finding the right pair of jeans can push the one’s patience to the brink of insanity. So when you find your denim soul mate, you have to hold on and hope they withstand the brutality that ensues. After all, they are a part of you. They share in your most intimate moments. It’s a good thing denim can’t speak. Together you and your jeans share in a relationship that could be a bit lopsided in your favor. But it seems as though Matix may have just “put a ring on it” with the announcement of a new LIFETIME GUARANTEE on their denim. “He said, YES!”

Matix Clothing is committed to building and maintaining healthy relationships between us and our pants, and I for one, am stoked. Imagine your favorite jeans lasting forever. Now stop imagining. It’s real. For life.

Matix Denim: Lifetime Guarantee presents Ditch Days from Matix Clothing on Vimeo.

The Top 8 Gloves for 2014

As frigid temperatures descend upon our planet, chilliness attempts to seize your digits and render them useless. Thwart the attempts of Old Man Winter and grab a pair of these top eight gloves for 2014.


Dakine Titan GlovesGearing up for a winter of the most wicked weather, the Dakine Titan Glove rules the mountain with an iron fist. Crazy toasty and massively rugged, these hand huggers deliver protection from your fingertips well past your wrist. A Gore-Tex membrane flexes the peak of waterproofing and breathability powers. If you are serious about performance, punch winter in the face with the Dakine Titan Glove.


Do your best not to be frightened by the intimidating talents of the Burton Gore-Tex Burton Gore-tex GlovesGloves. They are all jacked up on genuine leather and Dryride 2L Durashell material to make them the toughest swingin’ thugs on the hill. A Gnar Guard palm with an ergonomic fit is primed to make all the meanest grabs in the book. Hang tight with the Burton Gore-Tex Gloves.



POW Royal GTX GloveBow to the warming powers of the POW Royal GTX Gloves. A shell constructed with water repellant goatskin leather maximizes dexterity and amps up durability while a Gore-Tex membrane is fully weatherproof. Thinsulation provides toastiness without bulkiness, and the fur-lined cuff of the Royal cuddles your wrist ever so softly.

Hestra XCR Gloves
Renowned for their legendary on-hill expertise, the Hestra XCR Short Gloves never know when to stop. Boasting a ridiculous warmth to weight ratio, this pair can sucker punch a Yeti and get away with it. Constructed with an Eagle Grip pre curved design, the Hestra XCR Short Gloves enable you to manhandle every challenge the mountain throws your way.


Black Diamond Crag GlovesThe Black Diamond Crag Gloves deliver plenty of protection while never sacrificing dexterity, so your fingers remain fully able to perform even in unfriendly conditions. Impressively breathable stretch-mesh combines forces with synthetic leather to increase toughness and utility while providing you with loads of grip and comfort. Get business dealt with thanks to the Black Diamond Crag Gloves.

Marmot Connect Gloves

Use your touch screen device and keep your fingers warm at the same time with the Marmot Connect Gloves. Browse, text, and fling some unhappy birds with this pair made from stretch fleece that keeps you toasty and functional on the fly. Infused with technology and built upon durability, the Connect Gloves deserve a high five.

Smartwool Phd Hyfi GlovesSpeaking of super high tech hand huggers, the SmartWool PhD Hyfi Training Glove lets you tickle your device all while staying toasty. Go for a run, ride your bike, or bust out a hike in comfort, but retain the ability to text, look up directions, and find a place to chow some dinner. Stay in touch and stay cozy with the SmartWol PhD Hyfi Training Glove.


When cold weather strikes, whip out The North Face Apex Glove and show winter what’s The North Face Apex Glovesup. Equipped with an Apex ClimateBlock DWR finish for the ultimate in waterproofing, nothing can stand in your way as you backhand bad conditions. Strategically placed silicone grippers won’t let anything escape your grasp. Attain the pinnacle of hand wear perfection with the Apex.


Take your pick of these top gloves and make your hands happy this winter.

Etnies High Rise LX Shoe

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we feel that function is, was and always will be a necessity. Lets face it, we aren’t exactly the driest climate on Earth, and though we do love our Authentics’ and our Lunarlon, sometimes we have to focus on the weather at hand: Rain. A whole lot of rain. It bothers a whole lot of people. So why endure 9 months of rain with soggy feet? Just thinking about that makes me mad. There is probably a direct correlation between happiness and having dry feet in the winter. That is why having waterproof shoes is so important. Wet socks are as appealing as the Flu, and probably a cause of it in some cases.

The Etnies High Rise LX Shoes are a perfect example of when form and function hug it out and make a baby. A functional shoe baby with fashion sense. Fantastic. The urban savvy aesthetic pairs well with rugged accents and classic Etnies branding. All of which disguise the incredible comfort and durability of STI Evolution Foam alongside waterproof features. In a nutshell, there is little to dispute. In design, form follows function, and a truly great product, like the High Rise LX, will execute both. When there is confusion, you end up with repeating patterns and crazy make’m’ups… Like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. They are one in the same. Everybody knows that.

Enough already. I’m just trying to illustrate a point. Check out the product video below and pick up a pair of Etnies High Rise LX Shoes here.

Twas The Night Before MyPakage

How do I begin?.. Maybe I’ll start by first mentioning that MyPakage is still relatively small, BUT… is steadily growing and has already made a large impact on men thus far. There, that’s a good ice breaker. Moving on.

In its infancy, MyPakage has made “being a man” much easier. That isn’t to say that being a man is difficult, but the very purpose of MyPakage has tied up some loose ends that desperately needed to be addressed. It is because of their wonderful design that features Keyhole Comfort technology, Pucker Panels and expanding seams, that you can bet MyPakage will be on every man’s Christmas list this year. They even make a full base layer bottom known as the Weekday Tight to go along side the Weekday and Weekend Briefs. Nailing it! Like stockings hung from the chimney with care. Foreshadowing?…

… Yes. Duh. In a nut shell (all puns intended), ‘Twas The Night Before MyPakage’ illustrates the illustrious nature of MyPakage and their ability to use humor as a significant tool to market a serious product that executes form and function so well. It is what meteorologists refer to as a “perfect storm.” They aren’t the first to use humor in such a way, but MyPakage is doing it and doing it and doing it well. Yes, that IS an LL Cool J reference. So just sit back and let MyPakage woo you as they spread their holiday cheer with their own embellished rendition of “Twas A Night Before Christmas,” below.

Oh, and if by some strange reason this is your first time finding out about MyPakage you can find MyPakage Weekday and Weekend Briefs here. And the MyPakage Weekday Tight, too! MyPakage will make a most excellent gift that will uplift more then a man’s spirit, I promise.