Sunny Side Stuck Up Written by Lindsey on July 27th, 2010

My parents have been homeless all summer. No they did not end up on the streets due to sex addictions or drug habits . . . or the economy.

They simply couldn’t handle the rain in Salem, put their house up for sale, then sold it. Yipes!

They packed up their dishes and towels and clothes and pictures, moved their furniture into storages, hitched their teeny-tiny teardrop trailer to their teeny-tiny truck and went in search of greener, or at least dryer, pastures.

Come to find out, it was not pasture they were looking for but sagebrush.

They bounced their trailer down an ATV trail in Central Oregon and came to settle on the shores of a quiet lake with osprey and coyote cries piercing the silence. With only a bed and two-burner stove inside the trailer, Mom and Dad went to work homesteading.

After a few weeks, Ryan (my hubby), Josephine (6), Georgia (4), and Bjorn (2), and I came to visit . . . just to make sure Mom and Dad weren’t wearing overalls and eating squirrel. As soon as we pulled into camp, we were given the grand tour. Very impressive I must say!

The living room was complete with fire pit, reclining camp chairs, stump side-tables, and view of the lake. There was also a tarp-and-cord patio, a tarp-and-cord solar shower, and open-air bathroom.

The bathroom was the biggest hit with my children. “Going” outside is already one of my children’s favorite activities. But success is not always guaranteed. They either need help or their undies, pants, shoes, and socks tend to get a little (or major) watering.

At first they didn’t see how the hole between two trees with a 2×4 braced between the trunks was a bathroom. We had to explain (pantomime) how to sit on the board with bum hanging over the back directly over the hole. Genius! No more accidentally peeing on their pants.

The rest of the weekend, Josephine and Georgia would skip off hand in hand to go to the bathroom. Each time I would hear giggles of excitement and pride as they did their business in the breezy woods.

That is until one afternoon when I hear muffled screams rolling down the 2×4 toilet trail.

As a mom, I know screams. There are angry give-me-back-my-toy screams, I-don’t-want-to-go-to-bed screams. Tired-and-hungry screams. Happy-tickle screams.

But this was not one of those screams. This scream got me on my feet tearing off down the trail to fight the mountain lion that was eating my child.

What I saw when I got to the hole stopped me dead in my tracks.

Georgia’s little white cheeks stopping up the entire top of the hole, legs flailing above.

Do I pull her out or go get my camera?

I pulled her out as I held back bursts of laughter. I almost gave her a comforting hug but decided to hold her hand and walk her over to the solar shower instead.

After getting cleaned up, Georgia explained how her feet didn’t touch the ground while sitting over the hole. So after she helped her sister up and down off the 2×4, Josephine help her Georgia up . . . then ran off to catch minnows in the lake.

To get down, Georgia decided to swing her legs and jump. She swung herself all the way over and landed head first in the hole with her arms by her side. No way out! Scary! Stinky. Hilarious? I thought so.

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of Georgia sunny side up, but when I was making eggs the other day, I was oddly inspired. So I’ve entitled this dish “Georgia’s Sunny-Side-Stuck-in-a-Hole Eggs. I know it’s rare that a toilet incident will lead to a delicious breakfast but in this case I hit the mother-lode . . .

I finished it with green onions, tomatoes, sautéed procuitto, and mozzerella – thanks for the inspiration Georgia.


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