I Need a Vacation to Mt. Hood
Mt. Hood Summer Sanctuaries and Family Vacation Destinations Written by Mike.S on June 1st, 2012

“I need a vacation!” We have all said these words. In fact, I said them yesterday. In this day and age we live to work instead of working to live and most of our routines are mapped out: wake up, brush teeth, endure traffic, punch in, work, punch out, endure more traffic, get home, eat dinner, talk about work, watch television, go to bed… Repeat. It’s a vicious cycle that engulfs us all and when we can endure no more we “head to the hills” in search of a relaxing reboot of the mind, body and soul. Is it simplicity we seek to balance out the complications of employment, or are we just reverting back to a primal instinct? Whatever it is, I went in search of it… online. Oh the irony.

Mt. Hood Vacation Destinations

A quick search lead me to mthoodmagazine.com and an article on the Villages Of Mt. Hood. The article lists a handful of vacation destinations that are family friendly, romantic, and luxurious ways to beat the summer heat. Read the list of destinations here at mthoodmagazine.com

Keeps Mill Campground

Now, if you’re heart desires more solitude I suggest you take a trip down to Keeps Mill Campground. A few friends and I stumbled upon this great landscape whilst exploring Mt. Hood National Forest. Located on the White River, this neck of the woods is secluded enough to get your bearings back and also is not so far removed that you lose a sense of reality, although sometimes that seems the best route. Visit Keeps Mill Campground

Anywho, those are two of my cents that I can throw into the fountain. Being a resident of the Pacific Northwest and having Mt. Hood in your backyard is an obvious perk. Mt. Hood offers an array of outdoor activities and if I were to list them all I would end up with a ZZ Top beard and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But to make your search a little easier you can start by researching more Mt. Hood vacation destinations here at www.mthoodinfo.com


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