It’s not camping without . . . Written by Lindsey on August 17th, 2010

You know how to finish this statement, “It’s not camping without . . .”

For me, it’s not camping without fish, rice-a-roni, red vines, a campfire, and marshmallows. For others it could be hotdogs, bitter perked coffee with a layer of grounds at the bottom of the cup, fishing, sleepless nights, mosquitoe bites, ghost stories, body odor, sandwich clamp cookers, whatever!

It just so happens that growing up in Alaska we went camping with a purpose, to fish. Knowing that we would be getting plenty of exercise, fresh air, and healthy fish cooked in foil, my health-nut mother alway let loose when packing for a camping trip. Instead of olive oil it was butter. Instead of broccoli it was rice-a-roni. And dessert was actually on the menu – toasted marshmallows. Red vines and hot cocoa were packed and savored on the banks of the river. I loved camping!

So of course, whenever I go camping now, I’ve got to cook everything with a little butter, pack rice-a-roni, catch or bring some fish for dinner, chew on some red vines, and toast some marshmallows.

However, traditions have evolved and I must say I’ve improved on the marshmallow front. No I’m not talking about your regular old smore. In our family, the chocolate always dissapears before evening toasting time and the baby ate the graham crackers in the car-ride to camp.

I’m talking about something even better. Fudged striped shortbread. You heard me! Perfect size for one toasted mallow. Softer than graham crackers so the marshmallow doesn’t get immediately squished out the sides. Perfect, even distribution of chocolate. Soooooo delicious! No more fumbling with chocolate squares and crumbly crackers while your perfectly toasted marshmallow oozes off your stick and plops in the dirt.

“Why have I not heard of this?!” exclaimed Amanda and Avery last weekend on a group camping trip.

I’m telling you, I was almost awarded the unofficial title of camping goddess for this masterful campfire creation. But I can’t take all the credit. This was my brother-in-law’s idea.

So thanks Todd. You made me a star among my friends. You perfected the pinnacle of toasted goodness – The Stripped Shortbread Smore. There should be books written about you.

Now it’s your turn readers. What is your camping classic updated? Or finish the sentence, “It’s not camping without . . .”

I can’t wait to see what you write.

Happy Camping!


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    So thanks Todd. You made me a star among my friends. You perfected the pinnacle of toasted goodness – The Stripped Shortbread Smore. There should be books written about you.

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