Dick Proenneke Alone In The Wilderness
Dick Proenneke – Alone In The Wilderness Written by Mike.S on March 20th, 2014

I’ll start by saying this: I wish Dick Proenneke was my grandpa. Also, it would be foolish to think that I’m the only person to ever wish upon that star. But for those of you who are unfamiliar with the legend, here is why I wish Dick Proenneke was my grandpa.

As springtime approaches, it is easy to day dream about “all the great things you are going to do” once that sun touches down: the camping, fishing, the hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and sometimes all of those in a single trip. “LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!” is something you’ll most likely be thinking in your mind but can’t shout aloud because it is too cliche. But some of us need a little extra kick in the pants when it comes to removing the quotation marks and actually doing all those great things. I find no greater motivation than watching ‘Alone In The Wilderness,’ the story of a man (Dick Proenneke)… alone… in the wilderness… of Alaska.

This is not to be confused with ‘Into The Wild.’ For one, this story ends well. And second, Dick Proenneke actually knew what he was doing, which is why the story ends well. That isn’t to say that ‘Into The Wild’ isn’t a great story, but I wouldn’t use it to motivate anyone looking to adventure beyond civilization, you know?

That being said, odds are you aren’t going to go out and build a cabin in the remote Twin Lakes region of Alaska, or anywhere for that matter, but Dick Proenneke’s exploits should serve as a building block for your next adventure. He’s America’s grandpa. Yeah, I said that. He embodies the somewhat unexplainable and completely natural feeling that drives us to be outdoors; it brings us back to life. So, enjoy ‘Alone In The Wilderness’ Episode 1. And if you are inspired, check out the outdoor gear we have to offer, not in terms of building a cabin, but other necessities for being in and extending your time outdoors come spring and summertime.

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