Top 10 Sunglasses for Summer 2015

Be honest. You have no idea where your old pair of sunglasses are hiding after last summer. It’s ok. You aren’t alone. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, because now you have an opportunity to get a new pair of sunglasses. But there are like a million pairs out there. Have no fear for we have compiled the best of the best so you can choose from the Top 10 Sunglasses for Summer 2015.


Dot Dash Poseur Sunglasses

Cramming a modern twist in with some old school flair, the Dot Dash Poseur Sunglasses crank summer up a few notches. These distinguished and durable shades come with all the swag sans the hefty price tag.

Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses



Straight out of the 80s, the Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses are loaded with a legendary look that defines your sunny style. With all the lightweight durability you can expect from a pair of Oakleys, this set dares to be bold and never shies away from defending your peepers.

Vuarnet 002 Sunglasses


The Vuarnet 002 Sunglasses are French, so you know they’ve got good taste. Their iconic construction and throwback style are all you need to dominate the outdoor scene whether you are soaking it in on the beach or prowling the urban jungle.

Von Zipper Elmore Sunglasses




Von Zipper cooked up some seriously spicy flavors for their Elmore Sunglasses. Not only do they thwart the sun with their 100% UV protection, but they take face decorating to a new level of slick. Exploding with style and straight up defiant with performance, the Von Zipper Elmore Sunglasses rule this chunk of the year.

Julbo Explorer Sunglasses



If your summer calendar has any alpine adventures etched in anywhere, you’ll need the most prime mountaineering ocular devices Julbo could conjure. Behold! The Julbo Explorer Sunglasses are specifically designed to perform with superiority where sun and reflections are at their most potent.



WomensDot Dash Nookie Sunglasses - Women's

No Top 10 Sunglasses for Summer 2015 would be complete without a pair of aviators. The Dot Dash Nookie Sunglasses – Women’s gets the nod thanks to their fresh take on the eyewear classic. Gleaming with style and UV protection, you will do it all for the Nookie.

Von Zipper Castaway Sunglasses - Women's



If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island and you could only have one pair of shades, it would be wise to choose the Von Zipper Castaway Sunglasses – Women’s. Their effortless combo of fashion and functionality will attract all kinds of desirable rescuers to your beach party.

Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses - Women's



We are pretty sure a mad scientist concocted the Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses – Women’s. While far more elegant than a Frankenstein monster, this pair is masterful mash up of rubber, acetate, metal, plastic, and all the secret ingredients necessary to scare nasty rays away from your eyeballs.

Oakley Drop In Sunglasses - Women's



Dripping with passion and performance, the Oakley Drop In Sunglasses – Women’s are a definitive expression of confidence and sun-dominating optics. High definition lenses lay the world before you exactly as it was meant to be seen so you can get the most out of every moment outside.

Dblanc Minor Panic Sunglasses - Women's


If you walk out the door without the D’Blanc Minor Panic Sunglasses – Women’s, your eyes will surely experience a bout of slight terror. Italian made and never in need of shade, this handcrafted set is a revamped take on the rounded models that were popularized in the 60s. Oversized, but easy to rock, the Minor Panic must be considered when you take your choice of the Top 10 Sunglasses for Summer 2015.


Go ahead and pick the pair that is going to do you the most favors in the sunshine. They are all plenty generous so it’s impossible to go wrong. Finally, your summer can really begin.

Best Wetsuits for 2015

Not everybody gets to enjoy the pleasantly warm waters of Hawaii’s North Shore when they paddle out. A lot of breaks are much cooler and require more than just a pair of board shorts to keep you functional in the water. A good wetsuit is essential for many surf spots, so let’s explore the best of them for 2015.


Xcel 5/4 Drylock Hooded WetsuitLeading the pack of best wetsuits for 2015 is the Xcel Drylock Hooded 5/4 Wetsuit. Whether you are looking to crush waves in the Northeast, Northwest, or Antarctica, this superior collection of surf tech is going to own the ocean. Each seam has been taped, blindstitched, glued, and fused to keep water out. Overlapping flaps at the ankles and wrists team up with a front entry system to make this suit wicked easy to put on. Cold-weather surfing has met its match with the Xcel Drylock Hooded 5/4 Wetsuit.


Transform the frigid waters of the Arctic into the accommodating swells of Australia with O Neill Superfreak 5/4 Hooded Fullsuitthe O’Neill Superfreak 5/4 Hooded Wetsuit. This bad boy just screams performance as it attacks the chilliest waves with reckless abandon. Warmer than ever before, the Superfreak showcases impressive FluidFlexTM Firewall technology across the chest and in the back while also going all in to keep water out so you stay mega toasty while getting savage in the sea.



Quiksilver Syncro 5/4/3mm Back Zip Full SuitQuiksilver has been on top of their wetsuit game for years, and they refuse to disappoint the cold water shredders this season too. The Quiksilver Syncro 5/4/3 Back Zip Full Suit focuses on warmth while remaining super lightweight. The Syncro won’t slow you down or restrict movement as it is rocks FN Lite neoprene material that enables fluid movements and full range of motion. Oh, AND you want durability? You got it. This top wetsuit for 2015 is loaded with toughness.


For the ladies, the top nominees are easy. The Roxy Women’s Syncro 5/4/3 Back Zip Roxy Syncro 5/4/3 BZ FullsuitWetsuit fosters an endless summer environment that turns the coldest conditions into the friendliest surf environment. Frigid swells are no match for the FN Lite Neoprene material that is loaded with air cells that deliver lightweight warmth no matter where you paddle out. A Bio-fleece thermal lining bumps up the toastiness even more for unparalleled comfort in cold water.



Xcel Infiniti X2 Hooded 5/4 Fullsuit - Women'sIf you’re interested in a hood to further pump the female-specific performance, the Xcel Women’s Infiniti X2 Hooded 5/4 Wetsuit absolutely cannot be beat. Featuring the watertight front system along with revolutionary Thermo Dry material that recycles body heat, the Infiniti increases your endurance and bolsters your time in the water. Both of the best women’s wetsuits for 2015 boast advanced fits and premium comfort so you can slay the chilliest waves with authority.


When it comes to the best wetsuits for 2015, Quiksilver, Xcel, Roxy, and O’Neill have got you covered. All your cold-weather surf sessions can happen within the comfort of these top five sets as they promise to not only keep you nice and toasty, but also swear an oath to take your performance and experience to the next level no matter how many icebergs you have to dodge.

Top 10 Gloves for 2015

With all the gloves on the market today, choosing the right glove for the activity is a little daunting if not downright frustrating.  To make your choice easy as a snowball melting, here are the top men’s and women’s gloves for 2015.


Dakine Titan Gloves

First up, the Dakine Titan Glove with its waterproof, breathable, removable fleece liner.  High loft insulation and waterproof technology keeps the hands super warm without sacrificing dexterity.  Waterproof fabric and extended wrist coverage keeps snow out whether taking a spill on the slope or making a snow angel.  Recommended for on and off-piste skiing, snowmobiling, winter biking, and the occasional snowman-building contest with the kiddos.



Snowboarders are in luck this year.  Burton Gore-Tex® Gloves are one of the most durable Burton Gore-tex Glovesgloves to hit the market.  Made with DRYRIDE Durashell™ that is waterproof yet still breathable, a removable 4-way stretch DRYRIDE Thermex™ liner and a brushed microfiber fixed liner, this glove is quick-drying, moisture-wicking and provides options for any weather.  We love the sticky icky™ grip palm and Burton’s new Screen Grab® Toughgrip™ technology that makes texting without removing the gloves an easy task.



Smartwool PhD Hyfi Training Glove


The SmartWool PhD® Hyfi Training Gloves are another winter favorite and perfect for runners, bikers, and hikers.  Made from a blend of shape-holding nylon, these mitts fit like second skin and thanks to merino wool are totally comfy.  Silicone gripers and touch screen compatibility make it easy to text, answer the phone, or change music tracks without missing a step.



For the rappelling crowd, and frankly suitable for ranchers, cowboys, and the driveway-Petzl Cordex Belay Glovesshoveler too, the Petzl Cordex Belay and Rappel Gloves rank high on the list for protection and ergonomic dexterity.  Double-layer, high quality leather and padding does an excellent job protecting the hands from such dangers as friction heat generated during long rappels, calf roping burns, bramble scratches, or a cold, splintered snow shovel.   Great for chilly excursions, vented well for warmer days, adjustable Neoprene cuff, and carabiner hole, these gloves may be lightweight but they pack a serious winter punch.



Black Diamond Crag GlovesRounding out the top 5 men’s gloves for 2015 are the Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves.  Breathable stretch mesh fabric, knuckle padding and reinforced finger/thumb crotch garner high marks for comfort and durability.  Best choice for steel cable via ferrata, scrambling among the pumice, belaying, and pole trekking.  These climbing gloves have just the right amount of grip with a comfortable fit are easy to don or doff.  Wrist-strap holes for attaching to a pack with a carabiner are a much appreciated extra perk.



Dakine Sequoia MittDaKine Sequoia Mitt for women is definitely in the top five for this year.  The Gore-Tex® insert is breathable, waterproof and washable (no more mitten funk).  The external zippered stash or heat pack pocket is a welcome feature on especially cold days or just for stashing necessities. Extended and adjustable, one-hand cinch gauntlets keep snow out without being unwieldy and the removable storm liner glove is touchscreen compatible and provides an extra bit of warmth on the mountain .


Ice Terra Gloves


A slimmer fit and also touchscreen friendly, the Ice Terra Gloves by Icebreaker keeps things stylish and playful.  Fun stripes, lightweight, naturally odor-resistant and simple laundering make these gloves tops on the Go-To list for any outdoor activity from hiking to biking to strolling with your sweetie on a cool evening.



Pendleton Mitten w/ Fleece Lining
Nothing beats a quality pair of wool mitts and the Pendleton Mitten does not disappoint.  Available in gorgeous prints with the renowned Pendleton southwestern flair, these mittens are fashion stunners which keep fingers toasty warm thanks to the fleece lining.  A top mitten choice for chilly days when style is a definite requirement.

Burton Favorite Leather Gloves
“Once a favorite, always a favorite…” the Burton Favorite Leather Glove for women that is.    Gnar guard leather palm and shell with its ergonomic, pre-curved fit are only the start of why this glove is dubbed “the favorite.”  Brushed microfiber lining and Thermacore™ insulation keep fingers warm in any weather.   This must-have glove sports a waterproof DRYRIDE Insane Membrane™ and old school styled knit cuffs.  Definitely lots to love in this glove!



Last but not least and commanding its rightful place in the Top 5, is the Pyxis™ Women’s Mountain Hardwear Pyxis GloveGlove by Mountain Hardwear.   These gloves get top marks for being extremely lightweight, packable and easy to slip on and off.  The Voluptuous™ Velboa long-pile polyester fleece is definitely worth bragging about and provides a great warmth-to-weight ratio.  Doing double-duty, these adorable gloves can be worn alone or as a liner in other mitts or gloves.  Throw in the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, and this glove is an A+.



So put the “which gloves to choose” flurries aside, we’ve got you covered….literally!


Top 9 Goggles for 2015

Top Goggles for 2015

If you put cruddy snow eye wear in front of your peepers, your day at the mountain is going to suffer. If you’ve ever spent a session in garbage goggles, you know this to be true. And just going without a set doesn’t really work either. The fact is, a good pair of snow goggles is going to enhance your entire experience. If you can’t see, you can’t have fun. Have more fun than anyone else on the hill with one of these top goggles for 2015.


Smith I/OS Goggles

The Smith I/OS Goggles have made a name for themselves with their rimless design and expanded peripheral vision. The lenses, which are super easy to swap out, are loaded with 5x Anti-Fog powers so you never have a problem spotting the perfect line.

Oakley Canopy Goggles

Constructed with all kinds of O tech and features, the Oakley Canopy Goggles expand your field of view in every direction. The O Flow Arch refuses to pinch your nostrils so you can breathe freely and the frame shapes to your face for a super comfortable fit.


Anon M2 Goggles

Whether by harnessing the magical powers of the most supreme wizard or developing highly advanced tech in a secret lab, the Anon M2 Goggles are one superior slice of eye wear. Thanks to magnets embedded in the frame, this might be the easiest pair to conduct a lens swap.

Electric EGB2s Goggles

The Electric EGB2s Goggles are just a fundamentally sound pair that get it done all over the mountain without stressing all the frills. A spherical lens, anti-fog coating, and 100% UV protection all team up to deliver an optical experience that won’t let you down.

K2 Photoantic Goggles

Designed to bring clear vision, comfort, and quality to your shred kit, the K2 Photoantic Goggles are easily the best bang for your buck. Equipped with a Carl Zeiss lens, there is no question that the Photoantic has top of the line clarity and durability.



VonZipper Skylab Goggles
Perhaps the most comfortable pair on the hill this year is the Von Zipper Skylab Goggles. Three dimensions of polar fleece lined foam are positioned to hug your face in an ergonomic design, and forward venting keeps your face fresh and your vision clear. And don’t forget the dual adjustable strap to dial in perfect fit with the Von Zipper Skylab.
Spy Marshall Goggles

Just say no to distortion. The ARC Lens in the Spy Marshall Goggles shows you everything the mountain lays before you with a unique design that promises to remain optically correct. And with a crazy amount of color, frame, and lens options available, there is a pair for every slice of steeze.

Dragon APXS Goggles

The Dragon APXs Goggles feature a frameless design in a more modest package that won’t dominate 99% of your face. Armored venting lines along the top allow plenty of air to move through, but stays burley just like the whole set so you can tackle to most intense terrain in style.
Ashbury Bullet Goggles

Take aim at any feature or run with the Ashbury Bullet Goggles. This pair even comes with a free extra yellow lens so you can dominate the night scene too. All the vision without the bulk, the Bullet shows off an unparalleled visual encounter.




There you have it. Stick with a pair from these top goggles for 2015 and you’ll be able to unlock the entire mountain with your eyes. When your vision is uninterrupted, you can charge harder, tackle bigger hits, and dismantle gnarlier lines like an optical boss.

Best Women’s Snowboard Clothing for 2015

It has long been a complaint of lady shredders that the dudes get all the best threads. But slowly and steadily, women’s outerwear has been catching up. Now, the best women’s snowboard clothing is right in line with their more masculine counterparts. We have compiled some of the most epic slices of outerwear specifically for feminine thrashers that need the best gear for doing battle in the snow.

Women’s Snowboard Jackets

Airblaster Workpony Jacket
The Airblaster Workpony Jacket makes the cut thanks to the way it pristinely balances above average waterproofing, plenty of breathability, and some synthetic insulation so you stay fresh, warm, and dry behind fully taped seams all season long.



Burton Jet Set Jacket

Take flight in the Burton Jet Set Jacket. A tailored fit never fails to flatter and strategically zoned Thinsulate keeps the bulk down while dialing up the toastiness. If it’s really dumping out there, you can engage the powder skirt, or just remove it from the equation during those spring slush sessions.




Holden Geneva Jacket

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. With a look that never goes out of style and an equally impressive stash of features, the Holden Geneva Jacket puts performance on lockdown.



Nikita Boxwood Jacket

Who doesn’t dig a little retro action? The Nikita Boxwood Jacket is all about throwing it back with some rad color blocking style. However, the look is the only thing that’s old school, because the Boxwood employs an advanced slew of tech and features that straight up intimidates Mother Nature.


Roxy Ridgemont Jacket

All other coats bow to the Roxy Ridgemont Jacket. This sweet slice of threads brings it all together with top-notch style, killer performance, and unmatched durability to subdue the most severe winter squall. From the DRIFLIGHT15 membrane, all the way down to the finger warmer wrist gaiters, there is just no beating the Ridgemont from Roxy.

Airblaster BWP Brother's Work Pants
Women’s Snowboard Pants

Rugged and tough, but feminine and flattering, the Airblaster Brothers Work Pant is the best of both worlds. These slim fit leg huggers incorporate fully taped seams behind super durable stretch twill fabric to ward off the nastiest conditions in the harshest terrain.

Burton Lucky Pants
The Burton Lucky Pants were built specifically to thwart foul climates. Highly technical weatherproofing has been rolled into this incredibly comfortable pair that has the ability to dissect double black diamond lines, draw attention in the park, or melt some groomers with ferocious speeds.

Holden Standard Skinny Pants

They are dubbed the Holden Skinny Standard Pant, but there is nothing pedestrian about them. Armed with a fresh look and clean style, these bad boys are form fitting but do nothing to restrict your movement. In fact, they actually work with your body’s natural motions to invigorate your entire experience on the hill.

Nikita Eldborg Pants

Go knee deep in the fluffy stuff and keep a smile on your face with the Nikita Eldborg Pants. Aimed at being a fortress against the pow, a drawstring mans the top half while zippered bottom hem gussets take care of the rest down low. And don’t forget that fleece lining that cranks up the coziness!

Roxy Spring Break Pants

Let it all hang out with the Roxy Spring Break Pants. Despite their name, this collection of threads was engineered to crush it all season long. Loaded with all the waterproofing and breathability necessary to withstand a monsoon, the Spring Break shatters the dastardly plans of Old Man Winter by thriving in all kinds of conditions.

Whatever way you choose to mix, match, and concoct your ideal kit, remember that the best women’s snowboard outerwear works hard for you so you can focus on the good times the mountain promises.

Burton Mountain Festival 2015

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Head up to Mt. Hood Meadows for the Burton Mountain Festival.

January 2-4

Time: 9 AM-8 PM
Location: Mt. Hood Meadows
Category: Special Events

The 2015 Burton Mountain Festival will be this weekend January 2-4 at Mt. Hood Meadows. Try out the latest snowboard gear for free, jam out to to the après ski entertainment and introduce your kids to sliding sideways in the Riglet Park.

The main attraction will be the Burton Demo Tour with free Burton demo gear to try out. Credit card and ID required. Parent or guardian’s signature is required for participants 18 years and younger. The Riglet Park is open to kids 6 and younger.

Gear Demos
January 2-4 | 9 AM- 4 PM
Main Base Area

Party in Your Park
January 3 | 11 AM- 12 PM (Register in the Burton Lounge Tent 9 AM- 10 AM)
Shipyard Park

Riglet Park
January 2-4 | 9 AM- 4 PM
Main Base Area

Apres Entertainment
January 3 | 4 PM- 6 PM
Main Base Area

Burton Girls Ride Day
January 3 | 4 PM- 6 PM
Main Base Area
Main Base Area
January 3 | 10:30 AM- 5 PM